Inspired by the no.1 size bench plane.  I’m looking to make a small, low angle plane with a chipbreaker. The starting point is a block plane with a broken adjuster. The first step is to mill out the cast in place “frog”

image I’ll fit an infill of hardwood with the blade bedded to that. It has a raised boss in the casting with a cap retaining screw threaded into it. To make this work bevel down I’ll need to raise the bedding angle a bit, which means that the cap retaining screw won’t be perpendicular to the blade. I suspect that this will mean that the cap won’t hold completely tightly in use, but I’ll set it up and see.

The block plane was originally bedded bevel up. In order to fit a chipbreaker I’ll have to bed it bevel down. In order to have clearance behind the cutting edge I’ll need it bedded about 10° higher than the bevel angle. The lowest angle I think I can get this blade to perform adequately at is about 25°, and even that is pushing it. This requires a bedding angle of 35° or a little higher. I’m not sure that the 10° lower than the 45° bed on a typical bench plane will be enough to be useful, but I’m hoping to find out.

It turns out that this block plane is about exactly the same footprint as my #2 bailey plane